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How HAC Enterprise Built the Data Base

HAC Enterprise has been an AURORA Slot Car Collector since 1964.  Since the very beginning of PC Spreadsheet Software (early'80s) HAC kept track of his personal & family collections.  HAC became a "charter" member of EBAY in '97, and immediately began capturing DATA from Completed Auctions for HO Slot Cars.  This DATA has been assimilated into HAC spreadsheets for decades.  And now this Powerful Technology & Tracking Tool is being made available to YOU!

aurora TJet inventory Tracking - XLS Highlights

This Excel XLS provides a simple & comprehensive tool for AURORA Slot Car enthusiasts to easily track their vintage collection for Accuracy, Quantity & Valuation.  


               Part Numbered Items include:

⦁Playcraft     ⦁Vibrators    ⦁TJets (includes Wild Ones)  

⦁FLAME THROWERS    ⦁TUFF ONES     ⦁XLerators   

⦁SUPER Model Motoring  ⦁Gilbert /James Bond 007 Cars

⦁Wheelie Trikes  

Creation & Refinement has taken "years" to perfect.  We have done all the tedious work, so that you won't have to!

AutoWorld & JL XTraction Inventory Tracking XLS

Releases 1 thru 25 w/Pix of ALL 514 CARs & PKGs produced through September 2018

The purpose of this Excel Spreadsheet is to provide a simple and inexpensive tool for AW & JL Slot Collectors to keep track of their XT Inventory Valuation.  Most collectors rely on memory to track and maintain this data, but frankly that is near impossible.  Most can't keep track of what vehicles were ever released over the years.  HAC has made it SIMPLE for you to tackle this once daunting task!