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The Long Wait is OVER! The '67 Grand Prix is Here...

The Unveiling of the 1st FACTORY COLORS at the NJ Show 11/17/19

NOTE:  A "Premium" collectible slot car deserves a Premium Package.  The HAC Enterprise '67 Grand Prix comes complete with a Custom "3D" Jewel Display Box at No Extra Charge!

The '67 Pontiac Grand Prix has been an obsession of mine for decades.  I actually own a '67 GP Convertible, and I love it!  I always knew that someday I would create and configure this legendary Sport Luxury car in HO Scale.  Since the car was NEVER offered in any scale by the major model car companies, it immediately became evident that "realizing the dream" would be a serious CHALLENGE!  The '67 Grand Prix HAD TO BE BUILT FROM SCRATCH...

The technology in Digital Computer Aided Design software, aka CAD has been available for many years.  I began playing with AUTO CAD back in the mid 1980's.  As hardware development began to improve exponentially in the 90's, the software choices and availability became more robust and increasingly affordable.  In recent years PC CAD Tools had become very user friendly, as well as very affordable.  The stage was set to create an entirely NEW HO TJet, the 67 Grand Prix would be the 1st...  


There will be a variety of FACTORY COLORS being introduced beginning  right after the 11/17 HO Slot Car Show.  They will be EXCLUSIVELY available from HAC Enterprise.  Click on the Button shown below to be taken to the area where you can begin to shop for your '67 Pontiac GRAND PRIX.

Release #1 of the Factory colors

The Very 1st HAC Grand Prix


The 1st of the line!  "SILVER GLAZE" with Black Interior & Black Top.  This beauty still isn't finished!  I drew in the Windshield as the Glass & Chromes are still in process.

For Sale in November 2019


Superbly detailed.  Slotted Tail Lights.  You can see their reflection in the Bumper...  Fender Skirts make this ride SUPER SWEET!

For Sale in November 2019


This beauty is wearing "REGIMENTAL RED" and Black!  I am partial to this one, for it is the color scheme for my actual 67 Grand Prix Convertible.  This car is simply STUNNING...  

For Sale in November 2019


 This Grand Prix comes in "REGIMENTAL RED" and White.  A beautiful car.

For Sale in November


When you look at the "PLUM MIST" version of the Grand Prix, you would swear it changes color in front of your eyes! 

For Sale in November


  You might think it needs to be "dried off", but it is NOT wet!    It is not Purple, nor Black nor Dark Blue... it is ALL of 'em! 



The Factory Color Chart shown above refers to 1967 PONTIAC Grand Prix, 2+2 (Catalina)and Bonneville exterior finishes.  HAC Enterprise will be painting all of our stock '67 PONTIAC "FACTORY COLOR" cars in many of the shown colors.  They will be rolled out over a period of a few months.  Customers and HAC Enterprise Subscribers will be periodically notified of vehicles "Coming Soon!" when new colors will be made available for sale.

Limited Edition cars will be offered at times.  These will be finished in custom colors and/or color combinations, as well as with variations of trim features.   The Limited Edition "HURST is FIRST" car is an example of a "non-factory" finishing package.  The HURST Grand Prix will be Pre-Released in November 2019.  See the HOME / FEATURED PRODUCTs Page for more information.\ 

Cars that a Available for Sale can be Found by clicking on the BUTTON...!

Each vehicle variation will be assigned a Part Number and will have supporting Listing Pages, which will Display all of the Imagery & Information you will need for Entering Orders.  

the limited edition 67 pontiac grand prix in ho scale


PONTIAC gave us the "Wide Track"

 The 1967 Pontiac Grand Prix is one of the most beautiful automotive designs of the 1960s.  Pontiac is famous for inventing the concept of “Wide Tracking” and taking performance to a higher level.  Pontiac introduced the widest automobile in the industry for the 1959 model year.  Wide Tracking became famous with each subsequent model year.  Boasting one of the widest stances for 1967 was the Pontiac Grand Prix convertible.


 The Pontiac Catalina provided the foundation for the luxurious Grand Prix. It was an immediate success.  (Style code #266-67) 1967 Grand Prix convertible had a base price of $3,813 and only 5,856 were built, which makes this a highly collectible car. This is the only year the Grand Prix was offered as a convertible.  


PONTIAC combined "Beauty & the Beast" into a LEGEND...

 Pontiac proved performance need not be limited to the sport models…as witnessed by the elegant Grand Prix convertible.  Luxury and performance made the Grand Prix one of America’s premiere personal luxury coupes.  “Pontiaction” dominated the 1950s and 1960s with a style that was imitated but never replicated…the 1967 Pontiac Grand Prix convertible is a dramatic expression of Wide Tracking in its most luxurious form.  


This car needs its own ZipCode!

  The silhouette is unmistakably Pontiac. It is long, low, and wide. The Grand Prix convertible is the supreme example of elegant restraint. The sweeping contours of the body sides are augmented by classic fender skirts. With the top down, the architecture spans for miles…it appears longer than it is. The Pontiac Grand Prix has set standards for personal luxury cars since its inception. The 1967 Grand Prix ragtop doesn’t know whether it wants to be a luxury convertible or a high-performance convertible…so it does both quite well...  

Video: All new & aggressive styling


The 1967 model year offered a completely restyled Grand Prix.  The signature features for the Grand Prix includes hide away headlamps with its parking lamps concealed behind vent-like structures atop the front fenders. These styling cues weren’t shared with any other full-size Pontiac.  

Kids my age often called the 67 GP  "The Batmobile!" 

The massive hood contours flow forward into the “Pontiac-style” grille divider. The windscreen wipers are concealed so as not to interrupt the Grand Prix’s sweeping design. The rear end styling of the Grand Prix was also unique to this model. The taillamps are beautifully integrated into twin slots. Its clean uncluttered look is understated yet totally luxurious. 

A look at the '67 pontiac grand prix "hurst" car

This 1967 Pontiac Hurst Grand Prix convertible was one of the fleet of famous Hurst promotional cars used in events and parades. 

After the 1967 season it was purchased by George Hurst’s secretary Rosalie Brewstein, who drove it daily for years. After being in storage for almost two decades, it was carefully restored by its fourth owner over a 28-month period and completed in 2010, when at the SEMA show it was shown to a delighted Linda Vaughn.

CAD rendering the hac enterprise 67 grand prix

The development of the exclusive HAC Enterprise HO Scaled TJet 1967 Pontiac Grand Prix was 2 years in the making.  Unlike many desirable automobiles, which had supporting 1/25 scaled "Promotional" models and/or Model Kits, the '67 Grand Prix did not!   So this car was essentially created from scratch.    

HAC demanded exacting parameters for Quality and Scale, which would excite the world-wide HO Scale Collectors.  It appears that HAC Enterprise exceeded all expectations! 

Some early rough prototypes


6 Months Prior to the Planned Fall 2019 Launch

Please NOTE that this picture was from the earlier stages of development.  No Body Details, No Interior, No Badges, etc.      The first challenges included the precise scaling of the GP to fit the TJet "long wheelbase" and to ensure optimum concealment of the DASH chassis.  Great care was given to morphing the design to deliver body dimensions which complimented a similar class of car in Tjet form.  HAC chose the '63 Riviera to be the standard.  Given the dimensions of the actual car, it was obvious that certain adjustments were required. The Pontiac's "Wide Track" and "Low Stance" HAD to be evident in the final piece.  This took investments in TIME & COST, but the overall results indicate those extra steps were worth it.   


DIMENSIONAL "Tale of the Tape"

DIMENSIONAL   “Tale of the Tape”

HAC GP    Specs (inches)   REAL     SCALE

   2.71             Length        215.6       1 / 80

  1.088             Width            79.4         1 / 73

      1.50        Wheelbase      121.0       1 / 81

      .865               Track             63.5       1 / 73 


It takes extraordinary "ATTENTION to DETAILs" to bring into reality an Automotive Legend from the Past...  The HAC Enterprise Team brings a unique and relentless passion to creating an entirely new HO Scale Slot Car from scratch.  The 1967 Pontiac Grand Prix Convertible had never been made available in either a factory dealer "Promo Car" nor Model Kits!  HAC Enterprise took on the task. 

Two plus years were spent in research and development with the finest team of artists, technical specialists and modelers, which shared the same passion for classic Pontiacs as HAC Enterprise.  Several iterations of the 67GP were "spawned and honed" before attaining the final masterpiece.   The HAC Enterprise Team is proud to offer to the discriminating HO Slot Car Collector the absolute best that can be crafted.

The 67 Grand Prix is For Sale @ NJ SHOW 11/17/19!

It Sits Long - Low & Wide


The 67 Grand Prix Ragtop in TJet form is still an unmistakable "WIDE TRACK" Pontiac.  Very little of the DASH Chassis will be exposed, Just like a Real Car!  Check out the Fender Skirts...

We Called it The Batmobile as Kids!


Growing up in the 1960's, we kids got to watch BATMAN on TV and we referred to the 67 Pontiac Grand Prix as The Batmobile...!

This is a Family Car!


Passengers will include Dad and Mom in the Front Seats and 2 Kids (Boy & Girl) and even a Dog in the Back Seat.  They can be  either ordered as  Caucasian or a Family of Color!  

The Chassis fits sweetly "Under the Skirts"


Great care was taken during development of the 67 Grand Prix to ensure the DASH TJet Chassis is essentially "Hidden" from view. The Fender Skirts add a deserved element of "Class" to this car.  This satisfying result delivers a Low Profile Look for this Classic "WIDE TRACK" Pontiac...

Exclusive VINCENT 8-Lug & Pontiac Rally II Wheels


These Pix will be posted very soon!  The Grand Prix will feature Exclusive Wheels from VINCENT WHEELS!  Nothing but the BEST for this Beauty!

Cars are being Built as of October 1st


October 1st happens to be my Wedding Anniversary (42 years now)  Yes!  I was a mere Child in '77!  Like most of us HO Slot Car Addicts, I am STILL A CHILD!

Pre-Ordering for The '67 "HURST" Grand Prix will begin by the end of October.   Only 67 of The Limited Edition HURST GP will be sold.

general news & what to expect



 The 1st 67 GP to be launched will be the Limited Edition 67 HURST Convertible.  The car will feature the authentic Black & Gold paint scheme, HURST Decals, Gold Wheels & Blue Line Tires. It will come in a Custom Display Jewel Display Case.    ONLY 67 will be made.  Pricing is not yet finalized as costs are still being computed.  The target will be $335 - $345.

The Final Rendering before Production Begins


This car has been in development for 2 years. We are PONCHO "addicts" so the bar is HIGH! Careful scrutiny of every detail has been spent to ensure HAC brings the discriminating HO Collector  the VERY BEST rendition possible of this Legendary car.   The Prototype CAD modeling was approved on 8/21/19. Final Prototype production will begin the week of 8/26/19.  

A Full Line of Factory Colors


 Soon after the launch of the HURST, the plan is for rolling out "factory color" cars.  Not all of them, but perhaps 8 of them.  There will be an occasional surprise version at times!  Standard Issue 67 GPs  to feature Pontiac style Wheels & White Wall Tires!   

The Car will Include a Driver & Female & Kids & a DOG!


The '67 Grand Prix is NOT a Race Car, it is a FAMILY CAR.  So it will include a Driver, a Female Passenger, Kids in the back seats and even a DOG!  Families will be available as Caucasian or African-American.  Your Choice at time of order. 



 The 2nd release will be a Limited Edition TRIPLE BLACK.  The car will be Black, Black & Black with Red Pin Striping & Red Line Tires mounted on Special Wheels.  It will come in a Custom Jewel Display Case.  150 cars will be built.

They Won't be "Pre-Sold"


 When there are enough cars in stock, only then will funds be accepted!  Cars will be shown before they are actually made available for sale.  The HAC '67 Grand Prix captures the flavor of the real car, its Sits LOW  & WIDE, and very little of the Chassis is seen.  The final car has SKIRTS!