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Why & How to Display & Document Your Slot Cars

WHY PROTECT YOUR SLOT CARS with HAC Enterprise Display Cases?

Slot Car Displays from HAC

Whether your HO Slot Cars are rare vintage pieces, or more recently acquired future collectibles, their cumulative dollar valuation over time can be shockingly high!  Certainly, it makes no sense to "shut them away in closets" for nobody to enjoy.  Most HO Slot Car enthusiasts like to view their collections and display them for friends & family.

They are in fact a viable FAMILY ASSET!  Being so, their increasing value demands the collector take responsible action to protect them from:     

  • Accidental Drops or Mishandling     

  • Finger Print Smudges & Grime

  • Unintended Exposure to Moisture! 

  • Drink Spills, Splashes, Roof & Plumbing Leaks, etc.

  • "Dust In The Air" is very abrasive

  • Humidity Problems! 

  • Mold & Mildew

Each and every HAC Custom Designed Insert is painstakingly hand crafted using premium quality Heavy Cardstock Backings to ensure a non-warped and durable crisp display image for many years of enjoyment.  The Jewel Display Case Dimensions are compatible with typical AFX, AutoWorld and Johnny Lightning brands which  blend easily into the Collector's existing display. 

Graphics & Typefaces are designed to project the original brand and related theme for the intended display piece.       

• HAC Labels & Inserts clearly identify & convey the intended contents. 


• Clear Plastic Coated & Smudge Proof Labels

• Special Adhesive provides a Pristine Display

• Casual Water & Splash Resistant - Quickly wipe away Accidents w/o Damage       

• Vibrant Colors &  Fade Resistant       

• No Peeling or Blistering from the Display Base 

• Dust Resistant: Display Case can be Easily Wiped to Restore Visual Quality

How HAC Enterprise Simplified the Documenting Process for YOU:


Most collectors rely on memory to track and maintain their data.  But frankly that is near impossible, as Collections Grow and Memories Fade over time!  Nobody can keep track of what vehicles have been obtained, traded, sold or even lost over many years of collecting.  Most collectors recognize this need, but typically avoid what they fear is a DAUNTING TASK.  

HAC Enterprise offers a solution to this problem with a series of comprehensive XLS Spreadsheet Inventory Tracking tools!  (Be sure to review these products, for a $20 purchase pales versus a potential Loss of many  $1,000s.)  

The BENEFITS to DOCUMENTING Your Slot Car Collection:


The burdens that a family must deal with when confronted with an Emergency, Sudden Illness or Unexpected Loss of the "Collector" or the "Collection" are challenging enough!  Worse still, consider the consequences if nothing had been done prior to document the magnitude of one's collection to establish its running valuation.  If the family is unprepared, there is a huge risk of making a potentially life altering MISTAKE!  Having this data defined, stored safely and immediately at one's disposal addresses the following (often overlooked) benefits to documenting growing collections:     

• Establishes the Value of a "Family Asset"

• Provides "Perpetual Live Data"

• Enables Safety Deposit Box" Storage 

• Data Output via Printed Paper or CD     

• Provides "Proof of Loss" in Case of:

* Fire    

* Theft 

* Flood 

* Winds

• Simplifies the Process to "insure" 

• "Peace of Mind" once the "task" is done.     

• Protects Family & Loved Ones due to:

* Accident

* Illness

* Death

• Prevents "Treasure Seekers" & "Bad" Dealers from Cheating Surviving Family Members 

• Simplifies "Selling a Collection" by the:

* Collector / Owner

* Family Member

• Simplifies the Creation of a "GIFT List" 

• Simplifies the Creation of a "WISH List" 

• Reference tool for "past & future" purchases

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Will You Accept Returns & Issue Refunds?             

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