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A Look at some of the HAC Collection

Certain cars are worth waiting for


Amongst the most desired for any AFX Collector are the prototype 1983 Super GPlus #2805 Dodge MAGNUM & #2804  Ford THUNDERBIRD

NO... They are NOT for SALE !

One of the MOST RARE AFX Cars

The "LEMON" FIRE CHIEF was a prototype made for the '83 NY Toy Show, along with the FIRE ENGINE.

Perhaps the most rare is the prototype AFX 'LEMON' FIRE CHIEF' that was made for the '83 NY Toy Show, along with the FIRE ENGINE. The planned Race Set was NEVER made. 

Black Painted Cars are BEAUTIES

I think the Driver has a 'Comb Over' haircut!  Still This Car is one of my favorite TJets.

The Driver of this AC COBRA appears to have a 'Comb-Over' Haircut.  Still one of my treasured TJets!

Green Hornet's 'BLACK BEAUTY'


Certainly not as COOOOOL as The BATMOBILE, but The GREEN HORNET's "BLACK BEAUTY" is actually harder to find than The Caped Crusader's ride...

An advantage to living near Canada


I purchased 3 of the Brown Silver Striped GTO's at a "Closeout Sale" at Two Guys in '76 for $1 each.  2 were sold later @ $3K+.  Nice ROI...  Note the fakes have silver wheel wells and handles.

Who doesn't like James Bond 007


The JAMES BOND 007  Sears Exclusive Set was a total FLOP that bankrupted AC Gilbert. I got one for being a good boy that year!  Yeah it sucked, but NOW !!!

From across the "Pond"


I am not a fan of the Porsche & Ferrari cars, but the AFX FALLER Porsche 917 & Ferrari 512M have attractive paint schemes. 

LOOK Very Close to the Underside


The Orange "SUNBURST" 57 NOMAD is the perfect car to be powered by an Ultra Rare "Orange" Prototype Chassis. It is REAL !

This is just a Beautiful '55 Chevy !


I have a bunch of '55 Chevys, but the Chromed Red #28 '55 Chevy is my favorite !  (An AFX high level "benchmark".)  It just gleams...

The most "parts intense" AFX car?


A multi-striped paint & trim scheme, tires & fuel tanks on the roof rack, extra front lights & all the stickers make the "CASTROL" Escort complex.

Runner Up Record Holder ...


The Williams F1 "BATA DIN" is a very rare car, and is one of the more paper stickered AFX cars.  (10 of them) 2nd only to the NEXT ONE!

6 of 1 ... a 1/2 Dozen of another


No collection is complete w/o a 6-Wheel ELF. This is the rare "First National Citibank" F-1 Tyrrell. The name has more words than wheels!

A True Story ....


Back when you could email EBAY Sellers, I spotted this HTF #35 Red Bre-Datsun in an Ad Pic "background"  & I offered $35 for it (before it was known of).  You can't do that today!

The FORMULA 5000 Series 1 of 3


The Formula 5000 cars were only produced in Europe by AFX / FALLER.  Similar to the 6-Wheel Elf, the body was modified to eliminate the extra wheels. This is the desired CITZENS WATCH #1

The FORMULA 5000 Series 2 of 3

Made in Europe

All 3 of the Formula 5000 cars are VHTF in the USA and command premium prices.  The POLIFAC #8 is highly prized.

The FORMULA 5000 Series 3 of 3


The A.M.S. RACING TEAM #1 car is highly desired by collectors on both sides of the pond!  All 3 of the Formula 5000 cars are premium priced cars.

A feeble attempt at the General Lee


AURORA was trying to license a series of cars when the end came in '83. The REBEL CHARGER was a poor imitation for the Gen Lee, but it carries a steep price today!  (Yeee Hawww!)

This Capri Funny Car isn't funny!


The CAPRI FUNNY CAR "ALITALIA" is the rarest of the Capri cars.  Nobody understands why AFX titled this car a "Funny Car".    (What's so funny?)

An "Under Rated" Collectible


The Galoob MIAMI VICE "SPEED CITY CHASE" Set  was made in 1984 ONLY.  It is a sneaky HTF collectible for both the fans of the TV show & serious HO Slot Car enthusiasts. 

HO DETROIT "Art in Motion"


Being a huge fan of "The Master" in his early years, I am proud to have been a vital contributor to the creation of the HOD Brand!

Given a chance it will Grow on you!


While the CAMARO in Brown & Gold may not be thought of as the most attractive, it is the most sought after. Once examined for a while,  it begins to grow on you...  REALLY, it does!

A Limited "Batman" Collectible


This is one of only 125 '89 BATMOBILES that were available from HAC Enterprise.  There are some left that are available on my site only.  Mention "you saw it here" and save $20.



The very rare #3 GM GOODWRENCH Chevy Lumina  (Set Only) Air Dam car may be the most beautiful NASCAR model that TYCO ever made.  R.I.P. Dale Earnhardt...

The "Greatest NASCAR Feud" ever?


TYCO's limited production run #8107 “GRAND NATIONAL” Electric Racing Set (1976 Only) pitted “The King” Richard Petty vs Bobby Allison of “The Alabama Gang” for us kids to race our favorite to Victory Lane! 

Another "Sneaky Rare" treasure


TYCO released a “Non-Air Dam” version of the Chevy Lumina Stocker in '91.  A one-time “factory flawed” batch molded in a “blue-green” plastic were “too brittle” & ordered destroyed. Some got out and are highly prized.

"OUTLAWS" to be proud of !


Released in 1989 only, the pair of  "RACIN' OUTLAWS" may represent TYCO's benchmark in Off-Road Slot Car design.  They are VHTF !

The "Tilt-Nose" Chevy Classics


They are fragile, as the hoods tilt up on tiny hinges to expose their chromed V-8's.  Superior "Candy" finishes are easily marred. Obtaining this pair in "Mint" condition can be difficult.

AURORA's most ornate TJet?


The Super Modified Roadster came out just as TJets were being phased out. Fact is, they share Design Elements from the very beginning of Vibrator Hot Rods up to the AFX Wheels...

The MACH I may be the perfect TJet


Correctly scaled overall, durable, with great chromes and factory looking accents, the Mustang Mach I may be the perfect TJet!  All color versions are desired by collectors.  

Keep on Truckin'


The TJet Trucks were unexpectedly popular when they were first offered as "VIBES" & then as Tjets.  Some colors are VHTF, but all are desired.

More "PETTY #43" Cars vs ALL


This is the AFX TV Guide PETTY Charger Promo Car from 1978.  (Very desirable)   FACT: More Petty #43 cars have been offered as HO Slot Cars than any other Driver & Model.

The "Blues" from the factory


The AFX Blue 'CUDA FUNNY Car is a Top 10 AFX collector car.  An "oddity" for the blues alone is that almost always they have damaged or distorted window pillars on the passenger side. 

A "must have" for everybody?


The Fall Guy Pick Up Truck is not hard to find, however, they are HTF intact & complete.  Of all the Display Boxes I have sold, this is #1 !  FACT:  The sole licensed AFX car ever made.

Still copied today...


The Blue Grand AM Funny Car is a harder car to acquire than many realize.  Many AFX models have at least one version that is VHTF.  By far the Blue is the toughest of the Grand AMs.

Are you seeing RED?


Lots of AFX Road Runners were sold in many color schemes.  The RED #43 Road Runner is by far the most sought after by collectors. The Yellow and the Blue are prized, too!

Early AFX Cars that were SUPER


Sought after by Racers & Collectors alike are the AFX SUPER II's.  These were designed as a "no holds barred" factory made & precisely engineered racer to beat all right out of the box.

Most "grays" are desired...


The '63 Corvette "Sting Ray" is an Automotive Legend!  AURORA captured all of the mystique exuded by America's sports car with their longest running TJet (1963-72) .

One of the Coooolest Cars ever!


The '66 BATMOBILE is a legendary car in any scale.  Aurora,s TJet version was very popular (and now), as was the TV show. The HAC 3D Batcave Box makes a perfect display for it. 

The most "colorful" TJet of them all


The Dodge "CHARGER" was molded in more primary colors than any other TJet. My favorites are the subdued ones, like Olive Drab, Sea Foam & Pale Yellow. All are desired & a few are crazy $.

What's B&W - B&W - B&W?


ANSWER: The most rare of the Ford "TORINO's" racing about the track!  The Torino is one of the popular TJet Muscle Cars. All command high prices, with the Blacks or Greens being highest! 

"Mix 'N Match" Custom Rod


Never made by AURORA as pictured, this cool ride was created by marrying some extra "all original" TJet parts from the junk yard! Other similar creations are equally inspiring!

The "Last TJet" offered by AURORA


While not the most valuable nor most rare, the Good Humor Ice Cream Truck is a must in any collection. It holds the distinction of being the "Last TJet" released by AURORA!   (1972)

The most produced AFX Car


The '57 Chevy NOMAD is the most popular AFX car ever produced with the most variations! 

The 2nd most produced AFX Car


I think the '55 CHEVY is one of the 10 coolest AFX designs ever offered. I guess I am not alone, as only the '57 NOMAD had more variations...

Blue is my favorite color...


Some of the blue TJets are very hard to find.  Being my favorite color, I just had to get "all of them".  The El CAMINO is one of the hard ones.

We need a Front Wheel Drive TJet


The TORONADO was one of the last "blues" I found. I got one in the mail once, but the JERK shipped it in an envelope mailer!!!!

Just a beautiful GM Designed Car


The '63 Buick RIVIERA is a legendary classical design that helped define the Personal Luxury Coupe. The 1st Generation is the best.  

GM must "retro design" this one!


The MAKO SHARK is just so cool. We should all petition GM to release this as a "super car!"  Are you with me on this cause?

Perhaps a "perfect" designed car...


I am not a Ford fan, but the MUSTANG 2+2 FASTBACK may be the overall best pony car ever conceived and produced.   

GM responds to the 'Stang


GM had to find an answer to Ford's Mustang, and they found it.  The CHEVROLET CAMARO came first, then came the next  & even better one!

OK - I am a "PONCHO" Fan


The PONTIAC FIREBIRD shared a lot with its sibling division pony car, but the styling always felt more aggressive. I owned a real one once!  

Another near perfect design...


The MUSTANG MACH I was a superior overall offering from Ford during the Muscle Car Era.  AURORA captured it perfectly, too! 

A Personal Luxury Coupe from Ford


The '67 FORD XL-500 was a respectable car, but it never stood a chance against GM's Grand Prix, Riviera, Monte Carlo, Toronado & Eldorado.

Another Automotive 10 Best...


What can I say to add to 1,000's of Books & Articles which sheds light on the legendary '63 CORVETTE STING RAY. Amongst the Best EVER!

A Classmate owns a stable of these!


I don't mean Slot Cars! This guy was years ahead of all of us.  He began collecting the XKE Jaguar in REAL Scale when they were once affordable.

It's a 'GASSER' to Race...


The WILLYS GASSER is my favorite stock TJet racer. Using AFX Wheels the car's balance is perfect for drifting through the sharpest curves!

Sometimes, We all catch a BUG!


The VW BUG is one of the cutest TJets of all time. I had an Aunt (R.I.P. 2018) who always drove a VW. I hated riding in the back seat of that car...

A True Story from my Childhood...


2 of my Uncles (ages 19 & 16) drove my Grandpa's brand new '69 CHARGER to our house to show us. With me (age 13) in the car it was hit with 49 miles on the odometer by a suspended COP within 150 yards of my house! 

It has grown on me over time


I always thought the CHAPARRAL was one ugly TJet.  Now in my 60's, I guess It is growing on me ----- YEAH, like "Puss to a Boil!"  

Not a Pontiac, but still a GTO...


The FERRARI 250 GTO in blue was tougher to obtain than I originally thought, at least for me! A beautiful car...

Black Painted cars DO exist!


The MAKO SHARK actually DOES exist as a painted black car. I know a few serious collectors that have them in their stable besides mine.

I like "Black & Gold" Labels


You may know that I designed the HO Detroit "Black & Gold" label and branding.  I sponsored the LE Black/Gold Tow Truck release.

Why not Black & Silver, too?


The B&G Wrecker was so popular, that I followed it up with a LE BLACK & SILVER TOW TRUCK. I sold 50 total Black Wreckers @ $200 ea.

Blue "CANDIES" are my faves...


The CANDY BLUE MUSTANG 2+2 FASTBACK is near the top of the list for most desired TJet!   The blue is so sweet... 

OK, Red "CANDIES" are Cool Too!


 The CANDY RED MUSTANG 2+2 FASTBACK is also near the top of the list for most desired TJet!          (I still favor the Blue one)

Did I say that I like the Trucks?


I don't think Aurora ever thought the VIBE INTERNATIONAL SEMI & TRAILERs were going to be so popular. The AFX Trucks were a huge success and we collectors luv'em!  

"3 of a Kind" Beats a Full House?


The CANDY COLORED CORVETTE represents (for me anyway) a high water mark for Aurora in offering a "beautiful & sexy" slot car

My treasured Tow Trucks


Each of these extremely rare INTERNATIONAL WRECKER TOW TRUCKs has an "acquisition tale" that would likely NEVER happen again!

Always Keep your eys open !


See the problem here? I spotted what is now a recognized VHTF Factory Error. The BLACK VAN TRAILER is supposed to be "Silver".  I Paid $15  

"Predecessor" to the TOW TRUCK


The Vibrator INTERNATIONAL TRUCK TRACTOR was fitted with a Box & Boom and was reborn as the TJet Wrecker in 1964 and sold through '72!

Imitation is "Flattery"...


The '32 FORD PICK-UP TRUCK was almost an exact copy of the Lindberg Mini Lindy, & fitted with the narrow "Slim-Line" Chassis. 

One person's garbage is ...


It's true, I pulled this extremely rare OLIVE INDY RACER from another guy's junk drawer.  He just didn't like it!  Many years later it is a $400 car...  

Out of the corner of my eye!


Back in the 1990's while at a Beers Show in NYC, I spotted this SNOW WHITE MAKO SHARK in with a bunch of loose cars at a dealers table.  I paid $60 for it!  Soap and water made it GLEAM...

The Birth of "Model Motoring"


What would have been the history of our hobby without the PLAYCRAFT HIGHWAYS CHEVROLET SEDAN?  This was part of the #1 (Oval) Set.

I Loved the Trucks from the Start!


Originally intended for the Model Rail Roaders, The PLAYCRAFT FORD OPEN LORRY became a legendary piece of Model Motoring "lore"...

I learned later it was "factory"...


I bought this EL CAMINO w Factory Painted Roof before I found out they were early factory versions. The Slot Gods were with me...

I went "GREEN" ages ago!


The Oldsmobile TORONADO was legendary in GM development circles. The perception is that the black TJet is the rarest one. I don't think so!  For me it was the Green one.

Gray & Blue Hairs have value in HO!


OK, its a bad joke!  BUT, most Gray or Blue TJets are HTF.  Such is the case with the '63 BUICK RIVIERA.  FYI, this is the only Buick in the Aurora stable.  Gray is tougher than the "Slate Blue."