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The 67 Pontiac 2+2 In HO Scale


The "2+2" became the GTO's Big Brother!

 During the 1960's, Pontiac’s focus on Wide Track style, Super Duty racing performance, and understated luxury had driven it to third in new car sales. The Grand Prix was a sporty coupe, while the Bonneville was the range topper.   With the roaring success of the GTO, it was only natural for Pontiac to give the GTO treatment to its full-size cars! 

Perceiving a niche for a lower-priced sporty version of its big B-body, Pontiac introduced the “2+2” option package for the mid-range Catalina coupe and convertible for 1964. The package essentially added bucket seats,  a center console,  special trim, heavy-duty suspension, unique 8-Lug wheels and behemoth engine upgrades.  


The "2+2" was Heavy, but it was "Sneaky Fast"

A car sporting a 121" wheel base and tipping the scales at over 4,400 lbs is not normally considered a challenge for the emerging mid-sized "Muscle Car" phenomenon in the mid-60's.  The growing array of fabled Pony Cars & Muscle Cars, which felt they could tame the gigantic "2+2," quite often were embarrassed!   By 1967, the top powered "2+2" was turning 14 second Quarter Mile times with the aide of its 3.42 Posi-Rear End and 500 ft-lbs of torque provided by the heavy breathing 428ci HO engine. 


The Last Year for the PONTIAC "2+2" was 1967

 High-Performance Cars magazine tested a Royal-prepared 428 HO car with a four-speed, 4.11 gears, and 8.50 x 14 M&H cheater slicks. Weighing in at 4080 pounds – a good 500 more than a GTO – the big Poncho turned 13.37 at a blistering 106.01 MPH. 

Alas, performance enthusiasts were clamoring for smaller cars, including the newly introduced Firebird, so it stands to reason why only 1,768 2+2s were built; 280 of those were convertibles and 261 of both body styles were 428 HOs. The 428 HO continued through 1969, but 1967 was the last year for big performance models like the Pontiac "2+2".  

The HAC ENterprise "2+2" comes in 2 Configurations

The '67 Pontiac "2+2" came in two configurations: a Convertible and the famous long & sweeping Fastback.  HAC Enterprise is proud to offer this oft forgotten classic "Big Brother" to the GTO and "Sister Car" to the legendary sport luxury Grand Prix.

The HAC Enterprise '67 Pontiac "2+2" shares the same "Coke bottle" body lines and classic "wide-track" 121 inch wheel base with the 67 Grand Prix.  It has been meticulously scaled down to compliment the AURORA lineup of similar class TJet cars.  The Nose and Tail treatments are shared by the Bonneville and the Catalina.  The 4 Headlights are arranged vertically and the Tail lights display in a distinctly "hockey stick" shape.   HAC Enterprise painstakingly engineered the "2+2" to fit the DASH TJet Chassis in a way which celebrates the classic Pontiac "Low - Long & Wide" stance.  Every effort was spent in capturing the classic and exquisite details featured by the 1967 full-sized Pontiacs.


Design & Development in HO Scale

Capturing Every Exquisite Detail


The "2+2" is a Complex Assembly


UNMISTAKABLY beautiful from Every View


The HAC Logo is a Guarantee of Quality


Limited Edition: Coming BEFORE XMAS!

The HAC Enterprise '67 Pontiac "2+2" will be released in a Limited Edition version (to be revealed at a later date)

It will Feature:

  * DASH T-Jet Chassis

  * Exclusive 8-LUG Pontiac Wheels by "Vincent"

  * Silicone Tires

  * Fender Skirts

  * Full Interior

  * Driver (Caucasian or of Color!) 

  * Limited to just 67 cars

  * 3-D Jewel Display Case

  * Serialized  (Limited 1 per Customer for 1st 30 Days)