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Limited Edition AFX Fire Engine Trucks



AURORA had big plans for ‘83.   6 Prototype Fire Trucks & Fire Chief Cars were unveiled at the ’83 annual TOY FAIR in N.Y.C. to introduce a planned new "AFX FIRE ENGINE Race Set."  Typical of Aurora, these prototypes were essentially variations of models which were already in production.   


Sadly, it was never to be, as AURORA had to close their doors soon afterwards.  The prototypes which were made for the Toy Fair were given to a few patrons at the fair.  These extremely rare prototype Fire Chief cars and Fire Trucks now reside in a few serious collectors' stable of treasures.  They fetch several thousand dollars each, if they ever  reach the open market.

Now you can Own your Own AFX FIRE TRUCK (REPRODUCTION)

HAC Enterprise will make available for sale a Limited Edition short run of Reproduction AFX FIRE ENGINE Trucks.  Each will packaged and sold in a Special Custom Display Case, suitable for such a valued piece.  They will be made exclusively available on the HAC Enterprise web site.   They will NOT cost thousands of dollars, but they will be limited!

The Trucks will FEATURE :

  * Operating Head Lights

  * Operating FLASHING DOME Light

  * Special Trailer with AURORA FIRED DEPT & "Filigree" Graphics

  * Fully artiiculated Telescoping Ladders

  * 11 x 17 HAC Fire Engine Play Set Poster

  * The BURNING BUILDING as proposed in Aurora's Original Art Work

Exclusive 007 & GOLDFINGER 2-Car Set


Very Limited Edition (Planned to Released in Mid JULY 2019)

Another FIRST in the HO Hobby:  The Limited Edition Aston Martin DB5 & '37 Rolls-Royce Phantom III 2-Car Set from HAC Enterprise features 2 iconic cars from the 1964 GOLDFINGER  film.  The cars are both cast in authentic color matching premium resins with many authentic movie details.  The set even comes neatly presented in an exclusive HAC Enterprise 3-D Custom Display Case with Scaled "Pop-Up" Figures. 

Power is Supplied by New DASH Chassis:

The Aston Martin DB-5 is powered by a DASH TJet Chassis featuring Custom Wheels & Tires

The 37 Rolls-Royce Phantom III is perfectly fitted to and powered by a rare Vintage NOS "Slim Line" Chassis featuring Custom White-Wall tires.


The Custom HAC Enterprise Display Case makes for a "Perfect Presentation":

Exclusive Custom HAC Enterprise 3-D Display Case

*  3D Design with Imaging on 8 Panels          *  Designed to fit into 2 Jewel Boxes Spacing                       

*  Scaled “Pop-Up” Star Characters:              *  Cars are “Anchored” to Foam Board Tarmac          

A unique feature for this 3-D Display Case are the "POP-UP" characters from the 1964 GOLDFINGER film.  Combined with the other images included on the box panels the film stars include 5 "POP-UPs" :   ‘Pussy’ Galore - James Bond - Odd Job & Goldfinger - Tilly Masterson.  The iconic "Painted Gold Bond Girl "Jill Masterson, can be seen on the Inside left panel.   The famous  scenes and filming locations included are:

* Stoke Poges Golf Club - GOLDFINGER's Golf Club where Bond has his 1st "Face-to-Face" encounter with Auric Goldfinger and "Odd Job"

*  Furka Pass, Switzerland - where Bond follows Goldfinger's Rolls-Royce through iconic "twist & turns" and 1st encounters Tilly Masterson and eventually disables her '64 Mustang with the DB5's Chariot-Style tire shredder system!

* The Hotel Room where the looming ODD-JOB knocks out Bond, who later finds Jill Masterson dead from being Painted GOLD! 

* The LASAR Room & Table where a bound prone Bond is confronted by Goldfinger.  The famous quote: Do you expect me to talk?  NO Mr Bond... I expect you to DIE!



Each 2-Car Set will be Limited & Individually Numbered


* These sets will be exclusively offered via HAC Email Invite through the web site!

* An occasional appearance at a few Slot Car Shows

* No specific amount is scheduled, however we forecast fewer than 12 to be made 

The Limited Edition DRAG-U-LA


The DRAG-U-LA in 1/64 Scale!

Here is a "Sneak Peek" at the Limited Edition DRAG-U-LA.  Unlike the 1/43 scale diecast model slot car conversions, this exclusive from HAC Enterprise can share the same track as the 1/64th scale Munster Koach (to be released later).  This unique piece has NEVER been successfully released in an effective scale, that is compatible  with traditional HO Scale Slot Cars.  This Drag-U-La is ONLY 1 1/4" wide, so it can easily run along side other cars without blocking them... 

The DRAG-U-LA Limited Edition (Planned to Released in JULY 2019)

The L/E DRAG-U-LA will be powered by a NOS AURORA Slim Line Chassis.  They will be Limited to Just 25 Units.  Each will come individually serialized and housed in its own 3-D Jewel Display Case from HAC Enterprise.  They will only be available for sale at

What Will They Look Like?

* Final Finish will be GOLD!

* Interior Matches Diecast 1/64

* Glass Matches Diecast 1/64

* Comes with the famous "Bicycle Wheels" Front End

* Will fit in an HAC Jewel Display Case

* Lots of Matching CHROMEs!!!


* The L/E DRAG-U-LA is powered by a NOS AURORA Slim Line Chassis.

* Each will be individually serialized (01 - 25)

* Each will come with a 3-D Jewel Display Case

*  A Display Stand featuring additional Photos and Information to be Included.

*  Exclusively Designed & Produced by HAC Enterprise

* Customers of HAC will get the Release Information and "First Refusal"

* For the 1st 30 Days they will be "Rationed" to ONLY 1 Per Customer NO Exceptions... 

* Everyone will have the same opportunity to purchase a L/E Drag-U-La


Answers to Some Questions "Before they are asked!"

* Over 1 year in Development

* Limited to 25 Serialized Units

* This is a "PARTS INTENSIVE" Piece - So it is NOT EASY to Build!

* 1st Come - 1st Served

* No Reservations A.K.A. "Hold One For Me..."

* No Specific Number Requests will be allowed

*They will only be available for sale at  

Target Price @ $214.95

Exclusive Tractor & Trailer Display Boxes


* Initial items to be released in Mid-February

- More items to be rolled out on a Daily or Weekly Schedule

* Inserts will be of 3-D Panorama Design

- Inner Rear Face with Exciting Visual Graphics

- Inner Side Face Flaps will continue the Panoramic view

- Outer Rear Panel to include relevant Product & Brand Elements 

- Outer Bottom Panel to display HAC Enterprise Messaging

* Expect the HAC Enterprise Tractor & Trailer Display Line to Include:

- AURORA Vibrators

- AURORA T-Jet Truck & Car Collages

- AFX Tractor & Trailers

- TYCO Tractor & Trailers

- FALLER vehicles

- HAC Exclusives (to be announced later)

- Special Customer Exclusive Design Requests

- and MORE!


* The Tractor & Trailer Box will easily fit into Jewel Case Displays

- Measurements were configured to equal 2 "Side by Side" standard Jewel Display Cases

- The Display Boxes will NOT Disrupt the Collectors' Jewel Case Displays

* The Display Box Dimensions & Weight will be Shipping Cost Effective

- HAC Enterprise will provide FREE SHIPPING to USA Destinations.

* The Display Box is AFFORDABLE

- HAC Enterprise will set Standard Pricing  at Jewel Case Levels